Computational Resources:
  • Performance: 266 peak TeralFlops (TFLOPS)
  • Total Computer nodes: 736 nodes
  • Total Cores: 15,200 cores
  • Parallel storage: 801 TB
  • Jobs run: 17,889,387
  • MPI Interconnects (IB): 40 & 56 Gbps (QDR & FDR).
  • Storage Interconnects (IP): 10 Gbps.
GPU Resources:
  • Total GPU nodes: 10 nodes
  • Network connection: 10Gpfs
Jose L. Mendoza-Cortes

About the Institutions:
  • The FAMU-FSU Joint College of Engineering, comprised by Florida A&M University (FAMU) and Florida State University (FSU). FAMU is the most prominent public HBCU and FSU is a among the most prominent research universities.
  • In 2017, the FAMU-FSU College of engineering undergraduate student body was composed of 2,186 students, from which 20% are African American, 26% are Women and 20% are Hispanic. This is the most diverse engineering college in the USA.
  • In 2015, FSU student body was composed of 8.3% African American, 2.6% Asian American, 17.7% Hispanic American, 60.7% Non-Hispanic White, 5.7% International students and <1% Native American.
  • In 2015, FAMU student body was composed of 84.1% African American, 1.03% Asian American, 3.09% Hispanic American, 7.71% Non-Hispanic White, 1.36% International students and <1% Native American.
HPMI: Our main lab is located in the HPMI. We developed our own codes here and we also collaborate with experimental scientists developing the next generations of materials.
Jose L. Mendoza-Cortes

MagLab: At the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, we are in the Condensed Matter Theory section. Here, we develop the understanding for exotic and common materials and molecules.
Jose L. Mendoza-Cortes

COE: At the College of Engineering we develop models and simulations to understand the macro-scale phenomenon to complete our multi-scale multi-paradigm understanding of materials and processes.
Jose L. Mendoza-Cortes

Dirac: At the Dirac SL, we develop the algorithms required for our simulations. We also work on a better understanding of best architecture for computing our codes.
Jose L. Mendoza-Cortes

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