Computational Resources: Total Compute Nodes 309. Total Cores 7,024. Performance 109.5 TFLOPS. Storage System PanFS. MPI Interconnects (IB) 40 & 56 Gbps (QDR & FDR). Storage Interconnects (IP) 10 Gbps.

HPMI: Our main lab is located in the HPMI. We developed our own codes here and we also collaborate with experimental scientists developing the next generations of materials.

MagLab: At the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, we are in the Condensed Matter Theory section. Here, we develop the understanding for exotic and common materials and molecules.

COE: At the College of Engineering we develop models and simulations to understand the macro-scale phenomenon to complete our multi-scale multi-paradigm understanding of materials and processes.

Dirac: At the Dirac SL, we develop the algorithms required for our simulations. We also work on a better understanding of best architecture for computing our codes.

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